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Right Person, Right Message, Right Time

The classic marketing dilemma is to get "the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time."

For decades, that meant lumping your target audience into the simplest demographic buckets like "men over 35 earning >$75k," and then buying the magazines and TV spots that would put your ads in front of them.

Today, we can do much better.

Not only can we know exactly who your prospect is down to the name and job title, we know how to reach him (and only him) and to get (and keep) your message in front of that prospect until he is ready to make a buying decision.

The key to solving the age-old dilemma is marketing intelligence and automation. After more than twelve years in advertising and marketing, including building and selling a digital marketing agency, I worked to build a micro-targeted multi-touch system to automatically reach your next customer in the most effective, respectful way available today.

The Relevant System automatically tells The Right People—those who would benefit most from your service The Right Message—what you do and how it could work for them, and then follows up with them consistently for up to 6 months until it's The Right Time—when they decide for themselves that they should work with you.

It's really the way people want to "be sold" in 2019. And we do it in a way that is effective, cost-efficient, and ensures that your business is bringing in new customers whether or not your team is focused on business development that day, that week, or even that month.

Learn more about the Relevant Business Development System by scheduling a 30 minute call with us here.

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