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How Do You Find New Clients?

"How do I find new clients?" is one of the most common questions asked by ad agency owners and biz dev professionals. And here are

Guaranteed Results

It's human nature to want guaranteed results. And if you're buying a sandwich, a car, or a piece of IKEA furniture, it's absolutely normal to expect a guarantee. If the sandwich is terrible, the car's a lemon, or your melamine-finished GERSBY falls apart, you're going to demand a return. These are products with a pretty standard expectation for the final deliverable. But the "guaranteed results" thinking breaks down when we get into a service industry. The answer to any question regarding how the service will work is: it depends. From housecleaning, to babysitting, to air travel, and even employment (the service we're all selling, right?), services are replete with inexhaustible variables.





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