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How Much Should You Charge for Your Service?

I consult for a number of ad agency clients. My primary goal is to deliver what I promise, a pipeline of relevant new business prospects in their favorite industries. But, I also love to just talk about business and give away my very best free advice. And I want to share a piece of that advice right now that might be beneficial for you--the answer to a question that I've been asked on more than one occasion. But first, I need to say that I simply love business! I better, right? I mean, I studied business, earned not one but two Master's Degrees in it (an MS in Marketing and an MBA), I've built and sold two, and I currently run another. I lecture at five universities about building businesses

The Thirty Day Freak Out

It didn't matter whether it was a simple AdWords campaign or a full website redesign, the behavior is the same. It hasn't been 30 da





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