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Goalsetting, Systems, and Automatic Results

You’re only one person and you have a lot to do. Every individual and organization has the limitations of finite time and energy, but the most important goals that will make the largest impact for our businesses require us to get more and more done with those limited resources.

Here’s Relevant's 4 Keys to think through your goal one time, build a system to achieve it, and make the results automatic:

4 Keys to Getting More Done:

  1. Prioritize – We can’t do everything. It’s essential that we only set goals that motivate us and will take us towards our destination. Otherwise, the best solution to accomplishing an unmotivating or low-benefit goal is to cut it out completely.

  2. Break it Down – Turn the goal into achievable steps. Habit expert BJ Fogg says that “Lay out my workout clothes at night.” “Go to bed early.” And “Get up when my alarm goes off.” will get the result far better than the vague goal of “Go to the gym tomorrow.”

  3. Create a System – As shown above, rather than relying on ourselves in the moment to do everything we need to do, there’s a power in separating out what needs to be done and automating it into a system where A leads to B, which triggers C, D, and E. Then, every time A happens, the rest of your "To Do List" happens automatically.

  4. Delegate – Then, where possible, hand off the steps of the project that don’t require your personal attention or expertise to others. This works to speed up and even automate the result without requiring additional energy or time.

Goalsetting is the engine of human achievement. Use these four keys to level up your performance, productivity, and simply get more done and you’ll find you’ve freed up time and brainspace to take on bigger challenges that required that extra bit of undivided attention.

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