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Your Business Machine

I talk to agency owners almost every day and I'm surprised how often I run into the same story. From small agencies billing less than $50k/month to mid-size agencies billing $500k or $1M+, I hear them sharing that they have the same problem - they go through peaks and valleys of new client growth. Some call it a yo-yo, others a rollercoaster, but the symptoms are the same.

Does this sound familiar? You get a great lead and land a big account, you may even need to hire on new talent to fulfill for it, and you quickly get busy doing great work and turning out beautiful results. Soon you've got that client sailing along and you look around to find you're ready for the next new client only to discover you don't have that next new business lead.

Back and forth, you find your leadership team either in all-out #bizdevmode, hunting for new clients, bagging trophy brands, and collecting sales bonuses. Or else they're buried under their sudden mountain of current client work and too busy delivering for existing clients to look for more. It quickly turns into a rollercoaster of "needing clients" and then being swamped under the workload of "fulfilling for clients."

The solution for not running out of gas is to put gas in before the tank is empty. The time for preventative maintenance is not when you're broken down on the side of the road. Equally, the time for biz dev is when you aren't starving for revenue or your team isn't dead-bored for lack of current work.

Wouldn't it be great if there were a machine that you could put in place, that you could oil and fuel and let run, doing the work and bringing you qualified prospects whether or not your team was actively in biz dev mode? That's what we've built with Relevant Business Development. And we'd love to put our business development machine to work for your company to keep the pipeline of fresh new client work flowing in.

Check out our video to learn more about what we do or schedule a call to see if our System might work for your agency.

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