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Skipping Right Over the Christmas Blog Post…

Still too early for New Year’s Resolutions? I waited until after Thanksgiving. I even waited until the second week of December. But January is coming y’all. It’s just a few more weeks until we need to face ourselves and our goals for 2018.

Here are my top 5 goals for the upcoming year:

1. Grow. Grow my business, my clients’ businesses, myself, my potential, my muscles, NOT my stomach… growth is pretty much my key goal for 2018. 2. Learn Something New Each Day. Even if it’s trivial, still counts. 3. Sleep. Breathe. Play. All of them more often. 4. Read More Books! We all have that stack we’ve been meaning to get through. This year’s the year. 5. Be More Grateful. Science says it will make us happier. Thanks, science! #seewhatididthere? #happieralready

The truth is, I love goal setting, progress measurement, and growth analysis. Like, LOVE them—it’s borderline unhealthy. And that’s part of why my business works for me, because Relevant Business Development is all about GROWTH!

After I sold my ad agency in 2015, I looked back and realized that the stuff I was doing there at the end: the smart biz dev that grew our client list at a steady rate and targeted only the kind of clients we WANTED to work with, that was the stuff I should have been doing all along!

Today, my business development service lets me consult with agency owners who are in the situation I was in and help them get started NOW setting up an intentional, predictable method of bringing on new clients that doesn’t involve responding to RFPs, jumping through prospecting hoops, or even setting up outbound sales calls.

If adding LOTS of new clients and growing your agency is on your resolutions for 2018, I’d love to talk to you about our proven System to get the clients you want to work with setting up appointments with YOU as early as January. Yes, this January. The one starting in just a few more weeks!

Happy holidays, everyone!

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