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Guaranteed Results

It's human nature to want guaranteed results. And if you're buying a sandwich, a car, or a piece of IKEA furniture, it's absolutely normal to expect a guarantee. If the sandwich is terrible, the car's a lemon, or your melamine-finished GERSBY falls apart, you're going to demand a return. These are products with a pretty standard expectation for the final deliverable. But the "guaranteed results" thinking breaks down when we get into a service industry. The answer to any question regarding how the service will work is: it depends. From housecleaning, to babysitting, to air travel, and even employment (the service we're all selling, right?), services are replete with inexhaustible variables.

In marketing, one of the biggest variables is the target audience you're trying to reach. In fact, this is the first place we usually start, by asking "who" (sorry, Simon Sinek). A trick to create relevant marketing messages is to try very hard to strike the right balance of a niche narrow enough to speak to with authority, but wide enough to have a successful ROI.

For that reason, we never recommend that results be pegged to a certain time period. It becomes dangerously close to guaranteeing results in an industry where that almost always ensures something CRAZY will come up! I tell every client that we are continually testing, tweaking, measuring, and optimizing the campaign. I take a great deal of pride in making the system work for each niche our agencies go into.

With current clients, I do explain that we see about a 5% conversion from "Micro-targeted Contacts" to "Scheduled Phone Call" pretty reliably. The volume of leads and close rate differ for every agency client, so I don't know how that will play out with any client's specific numbers. As far as close percentage, those are variables controlled by them, honestly. I can only state that in the past, if a client's closing rate is low, I personally call in and go through their script to adjust and improve how they're selling.

Onto the good stuff... I want to help ad agencies grow. I love hearing agencies with a goal to get to $40k, $100k, or $200k per month and I will tell you what I know, that they won't get there without a system. The agencies I know that are billing in the multi-millions all have outbound sales teams (more than one F-T salesperson, sometimes 4-5!) , $10k+ (I've managed $50k!) in AdWords campaigns bringing in leads, and they are running huge client accounts (Subway, T-Mobile, Toyota) that took them years to bring in.

This System is the "hack." The MTX2 System made my small agency ($2M annually) look really big and CREDIBLE to our clients. It gave us the confidence to talk a big game with prospects because we had SO MANY PROSPECTS talking to us. We knew we could do great work, get those home run hits, we just needed more at-bats to get our averages up, you know?

Here's what you already know: you need to be doing marketing. You need to get your name out there, put your content out there, and "look" as big as you're going to be. Hiring a new biz guy isn't going to do that, he'll be hungry, he'll be hunting prospects, sure, but he won't be setting up your marketing or establishing your online identity.

The MTX2 System works because it's holistic. It actually builds a long-term pipeline of leads coming to you. It doesn't have "good months" and "bad months." It just runs. And it works. It's the current best-practices marketing system for ad agencies that exists.

Want proof? I'd love to talk you through the success stories I've seen implementing this system for dozens of ad agencies.

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