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Rule #1 of Marketing

Rule #1 of Marketing is "Marketing to Everyone is Marketing to No One."

This means that if your target audience is something vague like "anybody with a pulse," it will be very hard to develop a message or marketing plan that will make a customer sit up, take notice, and really resonate with your advertising.

In contrast, if you know who your customer is, you can talk to the specific needs, problems, or points of pain she is experiencing. This leads to highly-targeted messaging that creates instant fans and leads to sales and loyalty.

So, if you knew who your best new clients would be, why would you market your services to anyone else? Wouldn't you choose to ONLY market to the clients you want to work with?

Relevant Business Development will help you determine your best future clients—pick the industry, size, revenue, even the exact company you want to work with—and then we set up the appointment for your sales team. Intrigued? Set up a call to see if this system will work for your agency! Reach out to Relevant today at (404) 421-6473 and learn how our micro-targeted multi-touch marketing system can let you choose your next client!

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