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Build a Pipeline of Qualified Leads

Relevant Business Development creates a pipeline of qualified client leads for your business. Here's How It Works:

Until now, the growth of your agency has relied on past customer relationships and word-of-mouth referrals. Sure, you get phone calls and even web leads, but they’re few and can be highly unpredictable.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your agency had a consistent, predictable source of qualified new business leads that just showed up on your sales team’s daily calendar?

That’s what we do at Relevant.

We custom-build a business development pipeline based on your ideal client. Whether you love working with retailers, franchisees, or financial companies, we will micro-target the decision makers of your most relevant prospects and get them in touch with YOU.

So, how does it work? Relevant has developed a proven process to turn your ideal customer into a consistent pipeline of new business leads.

  • First, we start by working with you to determine your ideal clients to target.

  • Second, we micro-target a campaign to reach ONLY the clients you actually want to work with.

  • Third, we use a multi-touch system to turn these cold contacts into warm leads.

  • Finally, we get THEM to schedule a call with your sales team directly onto their calendar. It's that easy!

Just one more question: how will your agency's business development be different when your sales team is getting a consistent, predictable number of weekly sales appointments added directly to their calendars from interested, qualified prospects in the business categories your agency already knows it wants to work with? Now, that's the kind of question you want to have to answer!

With Relevant Business Development, you don't just get new business leads, you get a pipeline of new clients that are Relevant for you.

Schedule a call with our team now to learn how your agency can start seeing consistent leads from your most relevant prospects in just 10 days!

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