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How to Fire Bad Clients

We've all had them. The client that calls on weekends or emails at 5:59pm with an urgent, on-fire problem for you to solve. The account that has constantly changing goals or simply will never be content with the work you're doing for them.

Be honest, the main reason you don't fire those "bad clients" is because they're "good money." You've said it yourself, and you are certain that in just another few months things will get better. They'll get in the groove and start to appreciate your agency's good work.

That's how we felt, too. Even with the headaches, stress, and unrealistic expectations, we told ourselves it was worth it. We felt stuck when we didn't know where our next "good money" client was going to come from.That all changed once we implemented our micro-target multi-touch business development system. In one month my company went from not knowing who (or if) that new client would be coming, to having a predictable, sustainable flow of new business leads FULL of the exact clients we actually wanted to work with.

We'll Help You Fire Your Worst Customers! Reach out to Relevant Business Development or schedule a call to see if our system will work for your agency.

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