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This digital marketing agency needed the fuel of fast new business leads to feed its engine of client growth from startup, to industry leadership, to multi-million dollar exit.

Choose Your Target

Like every client, the first thing we needed to determine with Leadgenix was who to target. We start by asking "Who are your best clients?" or for which of their current clients are they able to create the most value? The answer was that Leadgenix worked best with the ad agencies where they provided their white-labelled services. So, they specialized in this service, becoming the secret weapon for their agency clients and acquired their tagline "Your Secret Agency."

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A Particular Set of Skills

Knowing who they were particularly able to help, Leadgenix now had the direction to develop the right messaging for this audience. They identified the pain points where they could make a difference and then shaped all of their content and marketing messages to speak to those issues.

Then, Leadgenix created a multi-touch sequence to reach their ideal clients with their micro-targeted message campaign in a rapid fire marketing sequence over a concentrated period of time.

Predictable, Reliable Growth

Putting the Micro-targeted Multi-touch System created a predictable pipeline of new clients reaching out to Leadgenix in response to their marketing message. With consistent and reliable leads, came the choice of which clients they actually WANTED to work with, as well as the freedom to fire the clients they didn't. 

It also led the agency to a multi-million dollar valuation and the successful exit strategy that the agency owners were after.

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Relevant Uses the Latest in Digital Marketing Tools and Account-based Relationship Marketing to Create Consistent, Targeted New Business Leads for Our Clients. We Call it the Micro-targeted Multi-touch Approach. Our Clients Call it "Automatic Magic."

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