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Huge brands often need quick-turnaround projects that their agency of record can't provide. 

MOCK, the agency specializes in project-specific creative and marketing work. Relevant helped them connect.

Hard Targets

Unrivaled is a creative agency that focuses on a special kind of client. They create deluxe, digitally-integrated, fully-experiential environments for tradeshows and exhibits at a level of craftsmanship that appeals to a specific client type. So, targeting everyone with their marketing effort could have meant a lot of misspent marketing dollars.

doing work together

Showing Up

The right client for Unrivaled would already know they were seeking these key elements in their project:
     - A Strong Vision
     - A Creative Mind
     - A Strategic Partnership
Unrivaled already knew who their best customers would be, and we believed their customers knew who they were, as well. 

So, we built a campaign that exclusively targeted the businesses that met Unrivaled's standards. And we focused our campaign on one event at a time, with one specific message, and a clear, compelling call to action.

Creating an Experience

Unrivaled's brand is all about "the experience." So, we built a micro-targeted multi-touch campaign that embodied that approach, including: 

Clients connecting with Unrivaled already knew who they were, how they worked, and even the budget they should expect. This made the sales experience as compelling as the other aspects of Unrivaled's artfully-crafted customer experience.

Client Unrivaled Case Study.jpg

Relevant Uses the Latest in Digital Marketing Tools and Account-based Relationship Marketing to Create Consistent, Targeted New Business Leads for Our Clients. We Call it the Micro-targeted Multi-touch Approach. Our Clients Call it "Marketing Gold."

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