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Shawn Butler

Managing Director

Shawn is a pioneer and innovator in digital marketing, business development, and new client acquisition strategy who sold his own agency in 2015. He has 12+ years of agency experience and has helped dozens of marketing companies achieve powerful results in sales, lead generation, and new customer acquisition. 

In 2013, Shawn's agency finally started doing for itself what it was great at doing for its clients, developing a Micro-targeted Multi-touch System to reach their ideal client and stay in front of them until they were ready to buy.


The System came to be known as the MTX2, and after using it to grow and eventually sell his own agency, Shawn now puts his proven system in place for others to experience the powerful results of an automatic business development system. Managing a small team, Shawn is able to deliver this service for dozens of businesses that are ready for a predictable sales channel to create reliable future growth.

Shawn has a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from BYU, a Master’s in Marketing from the Sorbonne, and an MBA from Georgia State University. He guest lectures at five universities on digital marketing strategy and is on the board of directors for the American Advertising Federation, the Social Media Club of America, and Turning Point, a non-profit cancer treatment and awareness organization.

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